v3.5 has been released

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v3.5 has been released

Postby ajcs » Thu Nov 24, 2011 12:20 am

v3.5 has been released.

+ A new global option has been added so you can turn off the new project and new sync pair wizard. This makes it faster for some people who prefer not to be guided through the options.

+ A new quick folders shortcut window has been added to allow you to very quickly select two Windows folders to sync without the extra options. You can access this from the drop down menu under the Add sync pair button on the Home tab.

+ There is a new project setting to turn off the sync capability. This is useful because it lets you use the project to create sync plans to compare locations without running the sync process by accident.

+ There are new command line options so you can create a new project and specify the Windows folders.

+ In Windows Explorer you can now right click on folder and choose Compare or sync with AJC. By default this will open the application and start a new project by opening the quick folders window and filling in the left folder path.

Please download from:
or for portable version use:
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