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Free trial

All of our software is free to try and fully functional. Please download and try the software out to see if it meets your needs before buying.


If you have already purchased the software and want the latest version you can download from here. Your existing license will work for any version created up to one year after purchase.

Check the About window in the software to see the date that you can run software created up to. If that date is earlier than the date of the software on the download page then your license upgrade period has expired.

If your year's upgrade period has expired and you want the newer version contact support to get a 60% discount.

Product Download
AJC Sync all editions Download
AJC Active Backup Download
AJC File Server Download
AJC Grep Download
AJC Diff Download
AJC Revision Archive Download

Your privacy and safety is guaranteed

All AJC Software products are written to a very high standard and your downloads are safe. This means they contain no viruses, trojans or spyware and they will not connect to the internet without your permission.

Questions or problems

If you have questions about the software or problems please contact support who will be glad to help.