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AJC Grep

A very versatile Windows Grep, search, replace and data extraction tool

  • Search for files using powerful text matching commands called regular expressions
  • Search and replace text in multiple files
  • Use search commands to automate the extraction of data
  • Convert data using search and replace or extraction methods
  • Matches are shown in multiple views folder tree, files list, matches list etc
  • Built in diff shows before/after scenario before running replaces
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AJC Grep is a powerful file finder, text search, replace and data extraction program for Windows that lets you use regular expressions. AJC Grep is very easy to use and is a vast improvement over the built in Windows search facility.

The many uses for AJC Grep include: file finder, text finder, text replacement, text extraction, data conversion, directory tree printer, file list printer and file matches printer. Please see the full list of grep search and replace features.

Files are selected according to a powerful set of criteria and then presented in several different integrated viewing lists. These include directory tree view, files list view, matches view, matches in context view, full file view, text output view. Plain text and binary byte view modes are supported and all views can be printed.

A very useful feature lets you remove directories, files or individual matches from the list before replacing anything. This avoids the tiresome and error prone process of pressing yes/no to replace individual matches that you have to perform in many traditional replacement programs.

Replacement operations can be reviewed before proceeding using the built in Diff tool. This shows you a comparison of a file before and after the replacement has been done.

The full file view has syntax highlighting for many popular programming languages.

The text output view shows the raw text output from searches. This format of this text is user definable so you can use it for different purposes. This includes data extraction, such as extracting email addresses from files, data conversion or as input to other programs.

All tasks can be saved in a project file for regular use. The criteria and progress of your search is shown in the report view and may be optionally written to a permanent log.

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For Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2012, 2008, 2003 32/64 bit

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