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We love to hear feedback from our customers so that we can use the information to make the best software we possibly can. Below are just a few of the wonderful comments we have received.

I have AJC monitoring folders that are also included in SVN version control as an added security measure. This morning I wanted to add a large number of files and folders in one of my main working folders to the SVN version control. I selected all of them in Tortoise SVN and accidentally clicked on the Delete option instead of the Add option (they are directly above one another). Tortoise doesn't have any security prompts, and all the files were immediately gone. If it wasn't for AJC, they would have been gone forever -- but since I had it all the files (over 800!) were back again in less than five minutes. Whew... ;-)
Tim Green / EC Software

"If it wasn't for AJC, they would have been gone forever"

I worked 2 days creating a part in my Autodesk Inventor and I forgot to save to a new file before changing it. This messed up all of my assembly models. I went to my AJC backup and restored the previous copy within 5 minutes. I sure feel a whole lot more relaxed and confident as I work now.
Thanks for everything

"I sure feel a whole lot more relaxed and confident as I work now"

I accidentally copied one set of files over another. My source control system would allow me to 'dump' file changes but that would have lost me work. AJC Active Backup allowed me to repair the damage in a few minutes. I have it on trial but I will certainly purchase it now.
Jon Masterson - Microsoft MVP

"I will certainly purchase it now"

For months I have been searching for a backup software that could provide me with previous versions of a file that had been altered several times later. For example, I worked on File A at 0800, 0900, 1000, 1100 and 1200 hrs today. But, while working on the file I overwrote some changes made on the previous day. AJCAB helped me find and restore that version of the file which I wanted i.e. the one dated the previous day, it can also give me each version of the file prior to the changes I made while working on it on five different occasions during the day. This is a marvellous software application. I haven't found any software like this after months of searching. This is more than a worthwhile investment.

"This is more than a worthwhile investment"

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon something I've wanted for years: a program that provides unlimited continuous backup of my data files. I don't care about backing up system files, program files, hidden data files, or anything else I can reinstall. What is important to me are the data files I modify . . . and occasionally screw up and need to revert to a previous version. ANY previous version. It also works with binary files such as music, picture, and video files.
The program is AJC Active Backup.
You set it up to monitor specific directories (folders) and immediately back up any file that changes in any way. This software just sits in the system tray and as soon as it detects a modification to a file, it almost instantaneously backs up the part of the file that changed -- just milliseconds after the save. It also gives you an unlimited number of versions that you can restore/undo. It has already saved me from that sinking feeling I get when I've botched up a file. You can even compare backed-up versions of the file to see what changed between those backups.
The icing on the cake is that this program does not have any noticeable effect on system speed. None. It just goes about its business and stays out of the way of what you're doing.
Just download and install this very inexpensive program. You will be as impressed as I am!

"You will be as impressed as I am!"

Stop reading and just buy it. This software is outstanding. I’ve used it since beta. This is basically Undo on all your files and documents! I go back in archives daily and it’s basically become a part of how I work. I have NEVER noticed it taking noticable resources on my PC and it’s running at all times. I use it on my entire My Documents folder and much more.

"Stop reading and just buy it"

While i keep source code under SVN, AJC Active Backup saves me when working between commits. I can rollback complex changes without reverting completely to committed sources, which is invaluable sometimes.

"is invaluable sometimes"

Excellent program! This is a passive backup solution. I use it to compliment my development version control system but also backup revisions to documents created with programs such as Word and Excel. What’s great is you do not have to remember to backup a file or commit it to a version control system. Just click save in your application and new copy is archived for you in the background. Add this to your computing arsenal now!

"Excellent program!"

"Add this to your computing arsenal now!"

This has saved me a number of times. A great product for a great price - I highly recommend it.
Dave White, SpectraChrom Software

"This has saved me a number of times"

This is one of the "can't live without" tools in my toolbox. Absolutely essential.
Van Swofford

"can't live without"

This is the tool that makes you wonder how you programmed without it. It means you can experiment and then revert to a previous state. And it happens automatically in the background. Its just there when you need it.
Andrew Mortlock, Sydney, Australia

"you wonder how you programmed without it"

Yesterday something went nuts and a certain file would not open. The backup would not open either. I had to restore from a version that was about 10 hours old. In short I lost about 7 hours work.
I was told about your product.
Went there, downloaded and configured it in about 10 minutes.
All today, it's been making backups of these very critical files.
Thank you for your product.
So, it has now saved me from a FUTURE disaster.
Mike Gorman, Maryland USA

"configured it in about 10 minutes"

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