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List of features

  • Compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003 32/64 bit.
  • Sync and backup to all Windows accessible drives, networks, USB devices.
  • Sync to FTP servers. Also secure FTP with SFTP and FTPS
  • Sync to Dropbox cloud service .
  • Sync to Microsoft OneDrive/Office 365 cloud service .
  • Sync to Google Drive cloud service .
  • Sync to Amazon S3 cloud service .
  • Sync to Backblaze B2.
  • Sync to Wasabi.
  • Multi Drive sync location. Multi Drive is a group of drives together that will behave as one large drive. Use this so you can make use of smaller cheaper drives without needing to manage where files go or needing to split the sync project up. The folder trees will be combined and shown as one so you won't know which drive each file is on. The drives can be a mixture of location types or multiple of the same location type. They can be real drives or cloud storage. Any storage location that provides free drive space information can be used. When a file is transferred it will pick the first drive that has enough free space for the file. Using Multi Drive is slower than using individual drives because it has to combine the data and hunt for free space etc.
  • Infection detection to help against ransomeware and viruses
  • Can backup locked files using Windows Volume Shadow Service (VSS).
  • Modern Windows ribbon style interface with customizable colors.
  • Sync in one direction or both directions with customizable logic.
  • Full file and folder filtering patterns support.
  • All settings can be saved as a project for later use.
  • Multiple pairs of sync locations per project.
  • Compress and encrypt your files and more with the transform system. The transform system allows one or more transform steps in between the two sides of the sync process to change the files in some way. e.g. You could compress and encrypt and then backup to the cloud. The encryption is performed on your machine before upload so what goes onto the internet is secure. This means even if your cloud account gets hacked your files will be useless to them. Other types of transform steps are possible such as file conversion and there is a command line transform so you can add your own.
  • Block level Sync with AJC File Server. AJC File Server is a Windows server process that you install on another machine so you can transfer files over the network/internet in a more efficient way. When transferring files if they already exist on the other side only the changes to the files will be sent. This means that for large files the transfer will be much faster. It can be thought of as similar to a FTP server but more reliable and it properly date stamps the files so that they match.
  • Unicode file name support.
  • Supports very long folder path names.
  • Track a drive by its volume name instead of drive letter. Useful when those memory sticks etc keep changing drive letter when you plug them in.
  • Windows explorer style interface. Shows two directory structures and overlays them with color coding to show which files are on each side.
  • Very easy to use with wizards and hints to help you.
  • Review all file transfer or delete actions before they happen by viewing the sync plan. You can then modify sync actions for each file or remove it etc
  • When synchronizing there is a verify option to check the file was transferred correctly.
  • Easily schedule your project for automatic synchronization using the full integration with the Windows scheduler.
  • Built in archiving system lets you undo if a file is overwritten or deleted by mistake during the synchronization. Multiple versions of files are stored so you can go back to an older version of a file.
  • You can compare the file contents using the built in AJC Diff program included free. This can do text and binary file comparison.
  • There is an option to move files from one location to the other instead of copying.
  • Can ignore an hour difference in modification stamps to take account of the way different operating systems deal with daylight saving changes.
  • Can cope when file date stamps are different by a few seconds due to being rounded differently by different operating systems.
  • A full log showing the history of sync jobs is kept telling you what happened to each file.
  • A full report is produced when creating the sync plan, showing the file system comparison and then when running the sync/backup process.
  • Built in emailing abilities, it can send an email report after synchronization to let you know if there were any errors etc.
  • Powerful command line options are available so you can call the program from a batch process.

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