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AJC Active Backup v2 BETA

Instantly backup files you change on your PC and keep multiple versions to undo

This long awaited major new version offers the following improvements over version 1 :

  • Complete rewrite with a modern UI.
  • Restore partial file changes back from your archives using built in AJC Diff v2 . This lets you edit files while you are comparing them.
  • More visible overview of what folders you are monitoring for changes on the Home tab.
  • List of recently archived files is now kept when restarting the application.
  • Easier to set up and access file patterns etc.
  • You can change options live without having to stop monitoring for changes.
  • File patterns tester tool so you can test if a file will match your patterns.
  • New archives explorer lets you navigate through your backup archives more easily.
  • Its now easier to restore multiple files and you can see exactly where each file will go.
  • Includes the new AJC Revision Archive v2 archive viewer.
  • Compatible with AJC Sync backup archives.
  • For programmers: AJC Diff v2 offers code syntax highlighting.
  • For programmers: Visual Studio add in for you to access your archives more easily while you are coding.
  • Diagnostics mode lets you see what is happening when a file is detected. This helps if you don't know why a file is being backed up.

Have you ever experienced that horrible sinking feeling when you realize you have lost some work ? Maybe you deleted a file, over wrote it with another file or it has been corrupted etc. This can be very costly in terms of time and money and in the worst cases can land you in deep trouble.

Now you can make this problem a thing of the past with AJC Active Backup!

AJC Active Backup offers you continuous data protection by monitoring the files you change on your PC and then automatically and silently backing them up into a compact archive. You decide which folders and file types are backed up.

The archive stores multiple revisions of each file you edit. Think of it as a revision control system for your hard disk. This means you can get back any version of a file giving you unlimited undo capabilities and also you have a complete record of what you have been doing. It also has the built in capability to show you a comparison of your files so you can see what has changed.

There is very little extra load on your PC due to the way it operates in the background. You just see a subtle indicator in the Windows taskbar status area. The backup archives are generally very small because they are compressed and only the changes to each file are stored each time a new revision is added. There is an automatic purge facility to save you disk space by stopping the archives from growing too large.

Even if you have a centralized revision control system and do regular backups AJC Active Backup is of great value because it backs up every time you save a file without you having to think about it. Your archive is always up to date whereas your other backups may be hours or days out of date.

AJC Active Backup is a must for any serious PC user who values their work. To name but a few, programmers, web designers, documenters would benefit from this. I can honestly say it has saved me from trouble on several occasions!

How much is a days work worth to you ? $300 ? $400 ? Even a small mistake could cost you money, more than the $35 purchase price for AJC Active Backup.

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For Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2012, 2008, 2003 32/64 bit

Download the 30 day free trial

There will be a 30% discount for v1 users