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This product is constantly being developed and as you can see below new versions are regularly released. We are very interested in our users experiences with our software and always ready to listen to new ideas.

Version 2.9.0 Released May 26th 2020

  • When using the diff to compare PDF's as text it failed with a missing .dll.
  • You can now choose to just compare a portion of a file which will help when comparing large files.
  • You can now view our privacy policy from within the software.

Version 2.8.0 Released Sept 28th 2019

  • The older office color schemes have been provided again due to a request.

Version 2.7.0 Released Jan 16th 2019

  • Windows 10 v1809 caused a problem with the glass effect in the UI display so this has been removed.

Version 2.6, Released Nov 27th 2018

  • PDF documents can now be compared as text. This is fairly experimental at this stage. PDF documents can be complicated so this may not always work.

Version 2.5, Released Oct 1st 2018

  • It now tries better to preserve the character encoding of the input file. When saving it will use the encoding of the input file unless the changes to the file mean it needs to convert the file to multi byte format in which case it will use UTF8.
  • It now shows the character encoding of text files.
  • If the file is UTF8 and has a byte order mark (BOM) at the start it will remove it because it is not needed and cause problems on some systems.
  • In addition to Word documents you can now also compare Excel documents.
  • When you copy changes between each side there is now an undo button to reverse this.
  • There is now a pin icon in the top right hand corner of the screen to make the application stay on top.

Version 2.4, Released Sept 14th 2015

  • The main window ribbon has been updated slightly. The window title was sometimes blurred when running on Windows 8. There are now ribbon color options of blue/black/silver MS Office 2010 style and an Office 2013 style.

Version 2.3, Released May 19th 2014

Version 2.2, Released Nov 13th 2011

  • When showing lines side by side that have changed the color yellow is used but if one side of the change had more lines they were shown as red/green. These are now shown correctly as yellow.

Version 2.0, Released June 25th 2010

This major new version adds the following improvements from v1.

  • Office 2007 style ribbon interface.
  • Compare text, binary and Microsoft Word documents.
  • Files are fully editable allowing you to type what you want and copy individual differences from one file to another.
  • Syntax highlighting for many popular programming languages and file formats.
  • Context diff and diff only views collapse the text that has no changes allowing you to expand parts of it if you wish.
  • When a line has changed the characters that have changed are highlighted.
  • Full Unicode support.
  • Printing has been enhanced with a preview.

Version 1.9, Released June 11th 2007

  • Word 2007 documents with extensions .docx and .dotx can now be compared as text.

Version 1.8, Released Oct 28th 2006

  • The help file has now been changed to HTML help to be compatible with Windows Vista.

Version 1.7, Released Feb 12th 2006

  • Graphic files can now be shown as side by side images. This can be configured in the options.

Version 1.6, Released Dec 1st 2004

  • It only treated .doc files as MS Word documents. It now also works with .dot files.

Version 1.5, Released Sept 20th 2004

  • MS Word documents can now be compared as text.
  • There was a bug that meant the binary diff viewer would sometimes tell you the files were the same even though it had just told you that the files were different at a certain position. This has now been fixed.

Version 1.4, Released March 15th 2004

  • When printing if lines wrapped, lines may have been repeated, in some cases in an endless loop. This has now been fixed.
  • There is now an option on the tools menu to clear the history of files opened.

Version 1.3, Released Nov 10th 2003

  • One too many columns were showing in the binary diff display.
  • There is now a new option to expand tabs in a text diff.
  • The green text at the top of the window showing the file details is now darker.

Version 1.2, Released Aug 6th 2003

  • When opening the files to compare you can choose text, binary or automatic compare mode.
  • Text files containing nulls would be truncated and cause errors.
  • When using the diff in binary mode, the last line may have been lost.
  • The history of files opened can now hold up to 20 items.

Version 1.1, Released 2001

  • The first public release.

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