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List of features

  • Compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003 32/64 bit.
  • Search for files using powerful file patterns. Include patterns and exclude patterns. Also find files by modified date and size etc.
  • The included regular expression tester allows you to learn about regular expressions by trying out your expression on your supplied text.
  • Powerful search and replace functions.
  • Search for text matches in text files and/or binary files.
  • You can find matches spanning multiple lines of text.
  • UNIX / Perl style regular expressions supported.
  • In addition to searching the local Windows filesystem and network it will be able to search other location types such as FTP and the cloud. It will have the same locations to access that AJC Sync v4 can.
  • Searching happens in background meaning you can start working with the search results right away.
  • In addition to text and binary files it will be able to search Word, Excel and PDF documents by converting them to text.
  • Unicode file names and text supported.
  • Built in text file editor with syntax highlighting so you can edit matched files in place.
  • You can refresh selected files if they have changed without running the whole search again.
  • Files or individual matches can be removed from the search results list before replacing anything. This avoids the tiresome and error prone process of pressing yes/no to replace individual matches that you have to perform in many traditional replacement programs.
  • Files and folders can be permanently removed from the match list so they are not found the next time a search is run.
  • Replacement operations can be reviewed before proceeding using the built in Diff tool. This shows you a comparison of a file before and after the replacement has been done.
  • Multiple file rename possible by using search and replace on the file names.
  • Data extraction facilities let you extract just the matches or matching lines etc. These can be written out to one or more files or just viewed on the text output tab.
  • Tree view lets you see the files folder hierarchy.
  • Files view lists the files and lets you sort them etc (similar to the Windows search).
  • Matches view lists the files with text search matches.
  • Matches in context view lists the files with text search matches surrounded by lines of context.
  • File contents shows a whole single file contents with all matches highlighted.
  • Text output view shows the raw text output from searches. This is used for data extraction purposes. This can be customized to show what you want.
  • Report view shows what happened during a search or replace.
  • The full file view has syntax highlighting for many popular programming languages.
  • All tasks can be saved in a project file for regular use.
  • Reports can be written to a permanent log file.
  • Integration with Visual Studio.

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