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This product is kept up to date so it always works with new versions of Windows. We are very interested in our users experiences with our software and always ready to listen to new ideas.

Version 2.8 Released May 26th 2020

  • A very long line shown in the matches view could cause a GDI error. This has now been fixed.
  • You can now view our privacy policy from within the software.

Version 2.7 Released Sept 28th 2019

  • You can now alter the number of lines either side of a match in the context view.
  • The older office color schemes have been provided again due to a request.

Version 2.6 Released May 2nd 2019

  • When you select multiple files in any view and choose to open them with associated application or text editor it will now open all of them.

Version 2.5 Released April 15th 2019

  • An Add in is now provided for Visual Studio 2019.

Version 2.4 Released Jan 16th 2019

  • Windows 10 v1809 caused a problem with the glass effect in the UI display so this has been removed.

Version 2.3 Released Oct 1st 2018

  • Very long lines in text files caused incorrect match positions to be highlighted. The line length capacity has now been increased.
  • Some text files containing Unicode characters were not read correctly. It now copes with a wider range of text file types.

Version 2.2 Released Jan 31st 2018

  • On the screen where you set a date/time range the screen text was wrong.
  • Sometimes the date range formats were wrong in the project file meaning there was a problem loading the project. This is now fixed.

Version 2.1 Released Oct 1st 2017

  • There is now a global option to control if you want to use regular expressions by default.
  • The underscore character was not drawn in the match text on the matches tab if it was the last line in the file.
  • Lines were missing in the context view after the last match.

Version 2.0 Released Sept 9th 2017

  • New ribbon interface to bring it inline with all other AJC products.
  • Much faster and more memory efficient.
  • Search multiple top level folders instead of just one.
  • You can now search for folders as well as files.
  • In addition to searching the local Windows filesystem and network it is able to search other location types such as FTP and the cloud. It can access the same location types as AJC Sync v4.
  • Searching happens in background meaning you can start working with the search results right away.
  • In addition to text and binary files it will be able to search Word, Excel and PDF documents by converting them to text.
  • Unicode file names and text supported.
  • In addition to finding matches in file content you can now choose to find lines which do not match or files which do not have content matches.
  • It is more fault tolerant so it does not stop searching when there are problems with files.
  • Built in text file editor with syntax highlighting so you can edit matched files in place.
  • You can refresh selected files if they have changed without running the whole search again.
  • Integration with Visual Studio.
  • Search text can contain comment lines starting with //

Version 1.4 Released Nov 22nd 2009

  • Now works correctly on Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit).
  • Tabs did not display correctly on Vista 64 bit. This has now been fixed.
  • When one search has been performed you can now click a button to add the matched file or directory names to the search file patterns for the next search. This gives you the ability to do a further search just on these files or directories.

Version 1.3 Released June 11th 2007

  • The help file has now been changed to HTML help to be compatible with Windows Vista.

Version 1.2 Released Aug 16th 2006

  • The main search fields on the Start tab now remember the last 20 items entered. You can now click on the green arrow buttons next to the fields to re-use some previously entered text.
  • Locked files used to cause the search to stop. Now they are just logged on the report and the search continues.

Version 1.1 Released Dec 7th 2004

  • It now searches files that are open by other applications.

Version 1.0 Released July 16th 2004/b>

  • First public release.

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