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This product is constantly being developed and as you can see below new versions are regularly released. We are very interested in our users experiences with our software and always ready to listen to new ideas.

Version 2.6.0 Released May 26th 2020

  • When using the diff to compare PDF's as text it failed with a missing .dll.
  • You can now view our privacy policy from within the software.

Version 2.5.0 Released Sept 28th 2019

  • The quick links at the top of the archive revisions list that said things like "What changed today" etc were not all appearing sometimes. This is now fixed.
  • The older office color schemes have been provided again due to a request.

Version 2.4.0 Released Jan 16th 2019

  • Windows 10 v1809 caused a problem with the glass effect in the UI display so this has been removed.

Version 2.3.0, Released Oct 1st 2018

  • There is now a pin icon in the top right hand corner of the screen to make the application stay on top.
  • Some text files containing Unicode characters were not read correctly when doing visual file comparisons. It now copes with a wider range of text file types.

Version 2.2.0, Released Nov 28th 2016

  • You can now extract multiple revisions at the same time.
  • A find facility has been added so that you can search revisions and text that has changed between revisions.

Version 2.1.0, Released Sept 14th 2015

  • The main window ribbon has been updated slightly. The window title was sometimes blurred when running on Windows 8. There are now ribbon color options of blue/black/silver MS Office 2010 style and an Office 2013 style.

Version 1.9 Released June 11th 2007

  • Word 2007 documents with extensions .docx and .dotx can now be compared as text.

Version 1.8 Released Jan 17th 2007

  • The help file has now been changed to HTML help to be compatible with Windows Vista.
  • Some small cosmetic changes to make it display properly in Windows Vista.

Version 1.7 Released Aug 25th 2006

  • The software settings are now saved to disk in the standard Windows user application data area instead of the registry.

Version 1.6 Released Jan 19th 2006

  • If you know some text was changed in a file but want to know what revision this was done in you can use the Search Differences Between Revisions option on the Search menu to find out.

Version 1.5 Released Sept 20th 2005

  • There is now a facility to more easily undo to the selected revision. This is basically a combination of deleting the revisions before the selected revision and then extracting the selected revision over the top of the original file.

Version 1.4 Released Aug 26th 2005

  • There is now an option to use an alternative diff program other than the built in one.

Version 1.3 Released May 13th 2005

  • The global options now include the settings about archive compression that are shared with other applications. If you manually add revisions the compression options will now be obeyed.

Version 1.2 Released April 8th 2005

  • Updated to read the newer archive formats created by AJC Directory Synchronizer.

Version 1.1 Released Feb 19th 2005

  • You can now open a file revision directly from the archive. This extracts the revision to a temp file and then opens it using the default Windows associated application or your preferred text editor.
  • Changes to cope with very long file names.

Version 1.0 Released Dec 30th 2004

  • First public release.

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